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New CBCA Membership

New CBCA Membership


  • CBCA Membership Application

    For The Good of The Clayton Community
  • CBCA Membership Application

    Welcome to the CBCA membership registration form. All memberships are reviewed by the CBCA leadership. An email will be sent to you regarding your membership status and fees required.
  • Membership Fee is $48 annually and a one time registration fee of $30

    CBCA Membership fees work out to $48 annually or $4 per month. Membership runs from January 1 through December 31. Price will vary depending on the month you enroll. There is a one time $30 registration fee.
  • To accomplish our goals

    the CBCA sponsors projects throughout the year in which all members are required to participate in two events a year. Please indicate on which project(s) you are willing to serve. We need your active support! If you mark nothing, we assume that you want to work on everything. Thank you!
  • Price: $78.00
    $48 1-year Membership Payment + $30 First-time Registration Fee
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