Event Volunteer Registration

Please register here if you are over 21.

If you are a student, please contact our Student Volunteer Coordinator,

Marcy Busse, marcyb@yahoo.com

Clayton Oktoberfest man from website

2017 Clayton Oktoberbest Volunteers Registration

  • 21 years or older only. If under 21 email marcyb@yahoo.com
  • Please click yes if you are a current CBCA member.
  • Please add your organization if you like. Such as CVCHS etc.
  • For example, tell us who you would like to work with.
  • Choose the shift you would like to work

    You may volunteer for multiple shifts, but you can only select one shift per submission.

    If you would like to work more than one shift (which would be great!), then please submit a second registration form.

  • Choose a shift from the list. If you want to work more than one shift, please complete a second registration form.
  • If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact the CBCA Volunteer Coordinator either via email at volunteers@claytoncbca.org or via phone at (925) 322-0590

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