2017 Oktoberfest Volunteer Information

Oktoberfest Volunteer Information


Please arrive well in advance of your shift time. Allow plenty of time to park and walk to the event. You will see parking signs as you approach downtown Clayton. There is no designated parking for volunteers; just choose any event parking space you can find.


Report to the Volunteer sign-in tent several minutes before your shift starts so you have time to check in, get your name tag, T-shirt and booth assignment. The Volunteer sign-in tent is located in front of the Community Church building at 6055 Main Street, Clayton.

Job Info

Ticket Sales

  • Individual ticket prices:
    • $7 buys 1 ticket or 1 glass
  • Package prices:
    • $35 buys 2 glasses and 4 tickets or 6 tickets (saves $7)
    • $25 buys 1 glass and 3 tickets or 4 tickets (saves $3)
    • $20 buys 1 glass and 2 tickets or 3 tickets (saves $1)
  • Cash Box: Never leave it unattended. Two authorized CBCA members will be circulating the booths throughout the day to collect cash. However, if your cash box is overflowing and needs a special pick-up, text Ed Hartley at 925-698-4191. Give him your ticket booth location and say you need a cash box pick-up.
  • Supplies:  CBCA members will drop off wristbands and tickets throughout the day. If you need more before they come around, text Ed Hartley at 925-698-4191.
  • Last shift of each day: If you are working the last shift of the day, make sure the cash has been collected by the authorized CBCA members before you leave.

Check IDs and put on Wristbands

  • Stand outside of the tent, next to the line of people waiting to purchase tickets.
  • Check ID and put wristband on customer while they wait in line to purchase tickets.

Customer cannot take a wristband and put it on. You must put it on because we have to be sure that the wristband is going on the person whose age has been verified. Also, do not give an extra wristband to someone who says it’s for their spouse or friend.

  • Customer must be born on or before these dates:
    • Saturday: DOB must be on or before 9/30/1996
    • Sunday: DOB must be on or before 10/1/1996
  • If customer is obviously over 40, for example, you do not have to ask to see their ID before putting on their wristband. But, do not assume they are of age if you are not absolutely sure.

Beer Pourer

  • Note: Hired bartenders will be doing this job. 
  • Follow this sequence for taking and filling orders:
    • View to ensure customer has on a wristband.
    • Take the ticket and place it in the ticket box PRIOR to pouring the beer.
    • Pour beer into event mug or plastic cup only.
      • If customer has their own stein, then give them the beer in a plastic cup and let the customer pour it into their own container.
  • Do not serve a customer who has had too much to drink; you have the right to refuse service.
    • Text Ed Hartley at 925-698-4191 if back-up support is needed.
  • Absolutely no drinking while serving (violators will be asked to leave).
  • Beer Shift Supervisors will be around to provide beer pouring instructions and assist with any keg problems.
  • Remember that Oktoberfest is put on by CBCA to raise funds. This beer was not donated; CBCA purchased it to resell at this event to raise funds which we in turn give back to the community for good causes. Do not give away  the beer.

Wine Pourer

  • Follow this sequence for taking and filling orders:
    • View to ensure customer has on a wristband
    • Take the order
    • Take a ticket for each glass ordered and place in the ticket box
    • Fill the glass(es)
    • Serve and thank the customer
  • A pour of wine should go to the POUR LINE (which is about half-way up the glass). Please keep the pours accurate.
  • It’s OK to give the customer a taste if they ask.  Pour a small amount (enough for a sip – about a teaspoon) into their glass.
  • A jug of water with a spigot is available at the wine booths so customers can rinse their glasses, if desired.
  • Keep wines out of the sun if at all possible.
  • Restock the ice bucket with a replacement white wine each time you empty one.  This will ensure sufficiently chilled white wine is always available.
  • If it is a very hot day, the reds may need to be chilled for a few minutes.
  • At the end of the day, keep opened bottles to a minimum.
  • Absolutely no drinking while serving (violators will be asked to leave).
  • Do not give away the wine.

Cider Pourer

    • You will be serving three beverages in the Cider Tent. Despite their names, all three beverages contain some alcohol, so the consumer must be 21 to purchase them.  So, anyone who wants a serving must have a ticket and show their wristband.
    • Beverages:
  • Sonoma Apple and Sonoma Pear hard ciders – Open bottle and pour contents into a plastic cup or the customer’s glass. You cannot give out the glass bottle that the cider comes in.
  • Erdinger non-alcoholic beer – Open bottle and pour contents into a plastic cup or the customer’s glass. You cannot give out the glass bottle the beer comes in.
    • Stiegl Radler grapefruit beer – This comes in a can.  The customer can just take it in the can, or it can be poured into a plastic cup or the customer’s glass.
  • Customers may ask where to buy non-alcoholic drinks. Lemonade, root beer floats and sodas are sold at the vendor tents in the Food Court, and bottled water is for sale for $1/bottle at all ticket booths and the First Aid tent.

Glasses Stocker

  • Note: Student volunteers will be stationed in booths to do this job.
  • Keep the tables stocked with beer and wine glasses. If it’s a very hot day, please don’t put out too many glasses as they will get hot (and no one wants wine or beer poured into a hot glass!).
  • Please do not touch the rims of the glasses when you line them up on the tables. That is unsanitary and unappealing.
  • Break down empty glasses boxes. Broken down boxes will be picked up throughout the day by other student volunteers.
  • If a customer comes back with a broken or cracked glass, it is OK to replace it with a new one (no charge).  Keep the broken/cracked glass in a box set aside for broken/cracked glasses.  (They will be returned for credit.)
  • As the day nears end, keep some empty boxes set up.  At the end of the day, all glasses need to be put back in the box, and the flaps closed.  


  • The Marktplatz (German for market place) is a fun little tent next to the Volunteer sign-in table where German trinkets are sold. You will be asked to help customers with their selections, accept payments for purchases, and re-stock / re-arrange merchandise as items get sold. An experienced worker will be there to guide you.


  • This a valuable position for a person who is flexible about filling in where needed. You will receive your assignment when you check in.

Other bits of helpful info

    • Alcohol: All alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the event premises. None can be brought in and none can be taken out.
  • ATM Machines: There is a Travis Credit Union ATM on Main Street across from Skipolini’s, and a cash machine in the Clayton Club Saloon.
  • Bocce Park: The Ipsen Family Bocce Park is open for play today.  No alcohol may be brought in or out of the bocce park; however, you can purchase alcoholic drinks from Skipolini’s and consume them within the bocce park.  They cannot be taken out of the bocce park.
  • First Aid: is located in front of Skipolini’s
  • Food Court: Can’t miss it! It’s between the Museum and the Church offices.
  • Glasses: Customers do not have to purchase a glass. If they don’t buy a glass, their drink will be poured into a cup at the beer/wine/cider booth.
  • Lost & Found: It’s at the Information Booth in the middle of Main Street in front of the Clayton Club Saloon.
  • Pet Care: Water and treats are free in Moresi’s parking lot.
  • Port-a-Potties are located in three areas: by the Museum, by the Church offices, and by Royal Rooster.
  • Schnapps: Tickets are not sold for schnapps. Schnapps can only be purchased with cash — $2 a shot. Schnapps is sold in the Biergarten or from the Schnapps booth near the Biergarten.

We stop selling tickets at 7:00 on Saturday, and 5:00 on Sunday.

We stop serving alcohol at 7:30 on Saturday, and 5:30 on Sunday.

CBCA sincerely thanks you for volunteering. We could not have Oktoberfest without you!